I want to add a domain without any DNS records

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to add a domain to Cloudflare without DNS records from the origin admin? I want to add a site without any DNS records.

Thank you very much in advance for the help :blush:

You can add a domain here with no DNS records. It just won’t do anything.

You can’t have a publicly reachable site without DNS records.

Thank you very much for your answer!

I didn’t say I want to do that. I apologize if that is what was understood.

What I want to avoid is migrating 500+ DNS records that were added by the shady host where I hosted the domain the first time.

Immediately, I will add the new records that I currently need.

You can definitely start from scratch. But if you do it from the dashboard, it’ll auto-scan those records.

There has been mention of a jump_start (false) option with the API to skip the record scan, but that does not seem to exist (or work).

You could point your name servers somewhere else, like a setup at he.net (you’ll need a free account there) as a staging DNS, so Cloudflare will only scan those records.

Or…suffer the addition of all those records, then run a script to delete them with a script created by an awesome MVP:


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