I want to access (login) EC2 server from WARP client server

want to access multiple network server using single Cloudflare tunnel with warp client

please check attach image also please suggest is above scenario will be possible?


It’s unclear what a client server is in this diagram. If you are running Warp on a client machine. This will likely work. If you are running Warp on a server, that is not really an intended use case and probably won’t work as intended.

Hi @cscharff,

155.32.344.22 is a client server where warp is installed is a server where Cloudflared service is installed ( tunnel server )

122.343.32.2 is a aws ec2 server - where i will whitelist Cloudflared server ip and access that server using client server 155.32.344.22 ( where warp is installed)

Sorry still unclear on what a client server is in this context. If you aren’t logging in physically / locally to the machine running the Warp client then it likely won’t work as Warp takes over the connection, so you won’t be able to remotely connect to the machine to do anything.