I want naked and www to point to a google business site?

Hey all,

I’m trying to point:
name.com and www.name.com

(google’s handy premade business sites that don’t come with an IP)

I’ve had this working for a few years. I think with a page rule and a cname. I’m not sure what changed and broke it a few weeks ago, someone told me it was down.

Now I’ve redone my config so many times I have no idea what to do. All my office365, google and other dns entries are working fine. I have another website on a vm for testing that is working, much easier to point directly to an ip.

I asked support what was up before I broke everything. They helped by saying there is a 404, here is a wikipedia article on 404s. My only takeaway from the article is that the Thai government is probably censoring me for reasons.

Any ideas?

This tutorial does that. The $2 in the Page Rules is optional if the new site doesn’t use the same URL paths.

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Hey @sdayman,

Thanks for the reply. That’s a nice tutorial, video is well done.

When I try adding an A record for @ or www, and point to the given dummy IP (which would be ideal,) I get this at the bottom in red:

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) This kind of record cannot be proxied

If I create an A record pointing to another server I have, then change the Content field to a non routable address, it gives the same error.

If I create an A record pointing to another server I have, change the proxy status to DNS only, then point the content field to, the proxy status changes to an unchangeable proxy status field “DNS only - reserved IP”

I’ve gone through quite a few posts here trying the same thing with various other suggested addresses like I’m not sure if I should be using that particular google address, but if the page rules really do pick up ahead time, then I should be ok. The non-routable listed in the tutorial isn’t working out for me.

I don’t need $1 or $2 etc. I don’t have any content I’m moving. I just want a dns name to point to a Google My Business URL. This should be super simple. I’d rather be able to say 2 words than spell out the weird Google My Business URL for folks. name-type.business.site is how that works out where type is the business type.

Anyhow with the 172 address I’m back to a 404. I shut off basically everything I could find anywhere else in the cloudflare interface. Now I’m kindof wishing for a restore defaults button. The log on this is a little tedious for previous actions.

If anyone has an idea, I’m all ears.

The IP address recommended in the tutorial works for me:

Hahahah. Ok I’m glad you pasted that so I could look back and forth. I think I’ve typed 192.168 a few thousand too many times. I didn’t notice that was what I was doing. Hopefully 192.0 will work.


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Looks like everything is working on on of the simplest configs I’ve ever needed. I suppose I’m getting old. Thanks again!

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