I want my site to be accessed only from mobile

Hello, I’m a Cloudflare pro user. I have a website and I want this website not to be accessed from Windows devices. My site is a mobile-only site. How exactly can I do this?
Did you see an example like this? How do I do this?

Do you want your entire website to only be available on mobile, or do you have a separate subdomain (e.g. m.example.com) that serves a mobile version?

If your intention is the former, you can use WAF Custom Rules to block requests with a specific User-Agent. For example, you can choose to block User-Agents that contain Windows or Mac OS.

Do note this will be an incomplete solution, as there will be desktop browsers that don’t match this. Also note that the User-Agent can easily be spoofed, so do not rely on this for any kind of security.

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