I want my site always online

i have a news site which has updated news , when there are more than 300 online users my site goes down .
what is the best setting to make my site always shows fresh version of my content .

what i actually did :
1- i used cloud flare dns name server
2- i installed WP fast cache plugin and put cloud flare api
3- i add important three links of my site in " page rules " and in field " Then the settings are " i choose always online

is that correct ? should i do any thing else ?

Those three links should be set to a Cache Level of Cache Everything and an Edge Cache TTL of…2 hours (your choice). If you are using WP Fastest Cache set up for Cloudflare, you have seen that it can purge the cache every time there is a Post or Page update.

Be warned that Cache Everything will cache the content of the first person who visits it. If nobody with a user account at your site visits it, it’s ok. But if you (or someone else logged in) visits it, it will cache what they see, including Edit links and any special toolbars that may show up.

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so is this setting is the best setting ??
by the way , more than 90% of my visitors are mobile’s visitors

You need to click “Enable” for any of that caching to take effect. That “Enable” option also means that when you have a New Post or Update Post (or click “Delete Cache”), it will send the command to Cloudflare to purge your cache.

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do you mean i should chick " enable " beside ( cache system ) in top of setting tab ?

Yes. My settings are similar to yours, except I don’t have it Minify HTML. I do that at Cloudflare.


thanks for your assist
but when i submit changes i got this message " You have to set permalinks "
which setting i should use in permalinks ? and could i skip to change permalink ?

You don’t have Permalinks? This means your posts and pages all have links like: Example Domain. Not an actual directory/file type of URL.

You really should use a Permalink structure. Pick one that makes the most sense for your site.
If it’s a News site, you might go with the “Month and Name” format. Day and Name if you really want precision, but that adds clutter to the URL. Go with “Post Name” if you want it real simple, and none of your posts have the same title.

Be warned that changing URLs, such as Permalinks mess up SEO because you’re changing all your links. The good news is that WordPress will automatically forward these to the new URL.

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you are awesome man :slight_smile:
thanks a lot for your amazing help .
now i did all settings like your setting , i hope my site doesnt goes down again
if you don’t mind i would give you an update today if my site keep a live or goes down .

thanks sdayman

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well , it is the second day and my site doesnt goes down again
but i use plugin statistics and i noticed that it doesnt shows correct Statistic for online users or total users , is that common issue with using cloudflare ?
how to avoid that ?

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