I want my domain (eesomonu.com) to point to my github page but it still pointing to wordpress


I bought my domain name through wordpress. I want it to point to my github page (esomo22e.github.io) so when you type in eesomonu.com it will point to the github page. Furthermore, when I type in esomo22e.github.io it points to my wordpress page. I added my domain name to Cloudflare for the domain name servers. I’ve been having trouble for a while and I don’t know what to do.

Thank you for the help,

It looks like you have a Redirect coming through Cloudflare.

What do you have for DNS records for your domain? The Github setup sounds like it wants you to use a CNAME for eesomonu.com that points to eesomonu22e.github.io

Here is my DNS Records:

I’m also trying to change the status so that it will have the orange cloud and be accelerated and protected by Cloudflare.

You can’t :orange: a wildcard (*) subdomain unless you’re on an Enterprise plan.

As for your first request, get rid of those “A” records and use the CNAME record I mentioned above.

Okay, here are the changes that I made based of your replies.

I don’t think Github is going to respond to anything other than eesomonu.com. It might, but your screenshot only contains the apex domain. They say domains, so maybe you can enter the www version, and possibly even a wildcard subdomain version.

Why are you trying to wildcard your subdomain only to have it point to the one site at Github?

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