I want Jetpack handles images CDN (free and unlimited) and Cloudflare handles website except images

I want Jetpack handles images CDN (free and unlimited) and Cloudflare handles website except images because Cloudflare has limited image support as i am building classified Ads website and alot of images are expected from people. Currently, I have installed WP Super Cache and Jetpack Plugins. Considering new setup i am looking for free setup. Kindly guide how to setup Cloudflare for none image purpose considering i am not a IT guy.

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Well as for caching, what I do is to leave it completely to Cloudflare.
That means that I don’t have any caching plugins on my WordPress installation.
So I use the following page rules (ordered from top to bottom):

Cache Level: Standard

Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a month

For images, Cloudflare provides good speed and latency, so you shouldn’t worry about that.
Still, you can enable the “site accelerator” option for both images and files in Jetpack.

If you really want to use a caching plugin then give a look to W3 Total Cache.
Here is a guide - The Ideal W3 Total Cache Settings + CDN Instructions (2021)
Other caching plugin can be found also here - 10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins (2022 Comparison)

For the page rules and Cloudflare cache options check this video:

I hope I helped someway :3
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What if i have alot of images on website. What will happen if i completely utilized Cloudflare free plan limits?
my website still be working or there ill be an error?
Will Cloudflare still CDN my website while images will be directly accessed from my server or how it works?

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Actually i am not an IT guy and if you can tear it down: i.e.,

Please recommend only with respect to Cloudflare free plan.
Does cache includes images as well?
Actually i want my html wordpress website to be CDN. i dont have audio or video on website. I am able to manage images, JS and CSS CDN via jetpack. Now only HTML website is left i want that to somehow to be CDN as well , desirably with Cloudflare. Can i achieve it via free plan or how to do it?
( Note: as my my website is classified Ads based so i am expecting alot of images that is why free CDN of jetpack for images is used )
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As mentioned in the post I’d linked, the maximum individual filesize of a cached file for the free plan is 512MB (larger files would bypass the cache and be served from the origin) and the total size of all cached files combined can vary based on a number of factors (i.e. overall traffic of the individual edge datacentre(s), traffic to your Web site, etc.).

Regarding what files are cached by default, have a look at Default Cache Behavior · Cloudflare Cache docs.

Thanks for alot of input. I am also sorry that you are trying to explain things while i am not gripping despite going through articles. May be i dont know Computer terms and language at all as i never study and little i know as few days google search only.
If i further limit my question then:

I dont want Cloudflare to CDN my image, CSS and JS (that has already been CDN via jetpack)? Can i still use Cloudflare CDN for my website (except for those 3 items) as currently my wordpress site is not on CDN?

Do i need to have Workers etc (i dont what these are but above articles refer these terms)… although i am looking for free solution because besides images my website has very little text etc. being a classified website…
I am sorry but can i be replied in layman term as you see my question is

The default cache behaviour document I’d referenced gives a list of what’s cached by default. If you didn’t want certain files cached by Cloudflare, yes, you could use things such as page rules if you wanted them to bypass Cloudflare’s cache.

Personally though, I prefer not to use JetPack’s CDN features at all. Rather, I much prefer Cloudflare along with their Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress. I have a Business plan with Cloudflare, so I don’t pay for the APO feature. However, with the free plan, I think it’s only $5 per month. But, for that price, I think it’s worth it.

Thank you. Actually what classified ADs means that even 100,000 users will be posting 1-3 images per person and that means 5 MB per image and that means millions of images 100s of GB and that means only jetpack is free and unlimited and yes unless i become generating income alot then i have no other option to look for free Max CDN support.
So what i get from your advise is that through Page Rule, Cloudflare will not CDN the image JS and CSS and these will be served from jetpack CDN …
While my HTML website will be served via Cloudflare …am i right …

Cloudflare does not cache content from domains that are not proxied by Cloudflare.

If your website has images, JS and CSS files etc, hosted at another domain, such as JetPack’s CDN own domain, these images will never be cached, and no Page Rules are needed.

If your website’s images and static files are hosted at your own domain, such as in example.com/wp-content/uploads/..., and that domain is proxied by Cloudflare, then you’d need to specify that and any other path pointing to static files in Page Rules to prevent caching from Cloudflare.


So nice of you that is the answer what i was looking for. Finally satisfied. ok so now next step how i gona do that i am not an IT guy …can you also guide in detail like holding figure for crossing road…

do what?

Like next to make things happen:
e.g., i will crate Cloudflare account and link my website …hmm.thats it? there are alot of articles that says jetpack can work with Cloudflare add this and that to exception etc ?
Step by step what should i do to enable Cloudflare to my website that currently has only WP Super Cache and Jetpack active? plz if you can shed light

There are many tutorials that can guide you:

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are you sure you are not escaping from mentorship responsibilities:
because i have been going through these tutorials and video’s and different forums from months yet your two liner answer finally put end my search for good. . and now few precise steps what i needed… not the one month course that ultimately i would not be able to digest being none IT guy…

So are we starting step by step …

Sorry, what? This is a community of other Cloudflare users and not a paid support channel, the tutorials are there to help people get started and work through some common issues. I very much doubt anyone here is going to volunteer to walk you through every step of the process that has been well documented. I’d recommend finding a consultant for that or posting here if you have some specific issue/question.


These usually come with a Paypal link :wink:

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how about your Youtube link that will be a win win perhaps for unlimited time…

I did not post any Youtube link, however I understand @cbrandt already provided quite some insight and I’d simply follow that, respectively check out all the other available documentation. The forum can assist you but it won’t do your job.

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