I want add an addon domain in cloudflare

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[domain name].de

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[domain name].au

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I bought the domain at goddady and add it as addon domain at Cpanel for another hosting company, And change the namesevers into the hosting company name servers.
So, can I add this addon domain in Cloudflare? and if yes, Please tell me how?

What do you mean by “add-on domain”? Do you already have a domain using Cloudflare?

Unless you’re on the Business plan and using a CNAME setup, your domain must use Cloudflare’s name servers.

No I bought a domain at goddady and add it in Cpanel for another hosting
This Cpanel has lots of domain and I want add Cloudflare just for my domain

You will have to use Cloudflare’s name servers. Then you can create A/AAAA or CNAME records pointing to the hosting.

But this will cut off the connection between the domain and the hosting company, right?
because I already change godaddy’s name servers to host’s name servers!?

You will have to ask your host if you can use Cloudflare’s name servers and follow their instructions.

Thanks very much Albert

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