I want a CDN but not SSL, how can do it?


I have a blog using cloudflare but I had millions of problems with redirections, indexing, google has indexing less urls of my web, and other problems . Also my web is only content and not feedback with pass or dangerous info. I dont need a SSL… I want only CDN… is it possible ?? please help me with this doubdt… thanks in advance


Personally I would recommend you to use SSL, especially when search engine like Google gives a little SEO bonus if you use SSL. Plus browsers will, in a few months, display every non-SSL site as Not Secure. But I couldn’t stop you from disabling SSL.

If you want to disable SSL, just go to the Crypto tab and switch SSL to Off. Note that Cloudflare will still automatically generate a certificate for your domain, but your website will not be served through SSL by Cloudflare.

If you want to even disable Cloudflare’s Universal SSL certificate generation, please open a ticket at Cloudflare Support.

In a final attempt to encourage you to use SSL, this website provides excellent information on why you should be using SSL.


Oh thanks for ur reply Tanto I am grateful
I came to cloudflare to put https to my sites but really Im seeing many problems with google, and settings . After of 2 months online with https, google hasnot indexed the pages and we are losing positioning. I would like to use SSL but the circumstances are these.

I want try 2 months with CDN but without SSL to seeing the results.I would wait for the SSL to be more extended and easier to configure in google search console.

Now, I want to continue using Cloudflare but only as a CDN and disable SSL. at least for 2 months, I do not know if I can disable it for 2 months and then re-enable it if the test would favor it.