I use the cache reserve and when the cache will expire I am getting on some pages the following error message - You are not allowed to visit this website

The issue will not happen on all pages - some of the pages are still accessible. The only possible solution is to delete the cache (I use Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin). Then it will start again, until the cache will not expire.

The example where it is not working for now:


I also logged the ticket with Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin developer. He thinks, that the issue can be linked with the security plugin installed. I have allowlisted IPs from the Cloudflare on both security plugins - I use this source: https://www.cloudflare.com/en-in/ips/

I use Security Ninja and Hide My WP Ghost plugins.

The problem is that it is not easy to replicate the issue - becase when I clear the cache it usually takes 5-7 days when the first pages will display the error.

Have you experienced a such problem? Or can you advice, how can I fix it?