I use Cloudflare Registrar. What is my account type?

I switched to Cloudflare Registrar for my domain last year. I paid using PayPal then, but now I would like to pay with a debit card.

On the Payment info page, when I try to change the payment method, there is a Account Type select field at the bottom of the dialog:

I don’t know what my Account Type is, and I couldn’t find this information anywhere on Cloudflare’s website: not on the My Profile page, not on the Account Home page, not on the Billing page.

Why is Cloudflare even asking me this question in this dialog? Don’t they know what my account type is?

How do I determine what my account type is?

I looked at your account and it shows as a Personal Account at the bottom middle part of the Payment info screen:
Screenshot from 2020-01-31 12-24-18
Screenshot from 2020-01-31 12-23-22

Cloudflare wants to know this as in some countries, personal accounts are subject to sales tax, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026135951-Understanding-Cloudflare-sales-tax.

I see this information in the Billing address section of that page:

If I edit my billing address via the dialog, I can change my account type to Business. This confuses me. So I can freely change my account type between Personal and Business, and the place where I do it is in the Billing address dialog.

In what ways do these two types differ?

Yes, that’s the screen. The only thing I noticed in the UI, if you mouse over the information icon is that personal accounts can be subject to tax in some countries.

I went with Personal because Cloudflare has a $200/month Business plan, and I don’t want Cloudflare to think that by switching my account type to Business I want to enable that plan.

I know, this is not likely, but when a website has a confusing UI, everything is possible, so I can’t rule out this possibility.

Oh, well.

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Correct, account type is not affect by plan type.