I use Cloudflare R2 to host video files, which does not violate the TOS, but I am still restricted

After serving videos from R2 with my custom domain for a while my domain got restricted and I got the following message when accessing .ts files
This video has been restricted . Streaming video from Cloudflare’s basic service is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please visit cfl.re/tos to learn more.”

We have created support ticket 2744193 on your behalf.

Can you respond there with the URLs you are seeing the ToS violation on?

I hope this problem can be solved as soon as possible. There’s nothing in Cloudflare’s TOS that says R2 can’t be used to host video, and this restriction has affected my business.

I received a message in my mailbox that I violated the TOS regulations. The URL that violated TOS is: r2.cycjson.xyz. I use this domain name as my custom domain name for my r2 bucket

Not only is a single URL restricted, but cycjson.xyz of the domain’s services are restricted!

We have updated you via the ticket 2744193, and are looking for your confirmation.