I upload my site firemastersltd.com but cloud flare not issuing ssl


Site https not working, please help/advice


Your nameservers do not point to Cloudflare. You first need to change this at your registrar.


My name servers are pointing to smarterasp net where i also purchased the domain
Wierd that all my other sites work yet i uploaded them the same


In order to use Cloudflare you need to change that.


I did, i enabled CDN in my hosting control panel.



So your host is a Cloudflare partner? That might change it.


Yes, thats true


So, can you help me out?


can you please avail me with Cloudflare nameservers. Thanks


According to Cloudflare that should be cash.ns.cloudflare.com and dawn.ns.cloudflare.com but if your host is a partner some other rules may apply. You best clarify this with your host.


My host advices i talk to you. They advised me to try using your nameservers instead


In that case try the nameservers mentioned above.


I would recommend contacting Cloudflare support to investigate the status of the SSL cert issuance. login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.


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