I upgraded to Professional plan but still in my account works with the free one

hello there,
i have a problem
i upgraded to Professional plan but still in my account works with the free one also my website wasn’t working and when i checked i found my status is moved which is wrong i never changed my domain dns so i had to login to godaddy change my dns again and confirm but still Cloudflare can’t read my dns !

Thank you

Whats your domain and can you post a screenshot of the subscription part on your Overview page?

my domain is opmakeup.com

Thank you

sorry here us the full image and by the way i never used this dns i host my website with siteground

THank you

This makes me think that you started with a Hosting Partner, then upgraded to a paid plan which throws a wrench into things. Is this correct?

If so, how did you upgrade to a paid plan? Was it through the Hosting Partner, or directly through Cloudflare?

I’m pretty sure public DNS records will change due to upgraded services on your domain.

i haven’t changed anything and and i did it by myself my website was completely down so i had another account with Cloudflare my web hosting was working but my problem was with my Cloudflare account so i switched with my second account changed the dns kate.ns … didn’t work
i back again to my main account changed the dns one more time didn’t work too and when i upgraded i just saw free website plan i click on change i chose 20$ plan after many time declining my credit for no reason worked with my American express i got my email confirmation and since then my account still free plan i’m not really sure what is the problem i can’t even click on recheck so now i use siteground dns and it’s working

thank you

i’m so tired is there’s any support here ! or should i just forget about your amazing service

Open up a Support Ticket and hopefully they can help untangle this:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

Thank you Sdayman, for some reason i wasn’t able to post a new ticket but it works now.

Thank you

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