I upgraded to Pro plan but still only have 20 bulk redirect rules. How do I acquire more redirect rules?

I guys :slight_smile:

I need to create 300 bulk redirect rules, but my domain is limited to 20 redirect rules.
I have upgraded to Pro plan in order to get more rules, but this doesn’t work.

Did any of you run into the same issues and know how to fix it?


Bulk Redirects entitlements are a bit confusing.

Pro and Free plan are entitled to the same number Bulk Redirect Rules, that is, 15,and the same number of Redirect Lists, 5. Each list may contain thousands of redirects, but the total number of redirects across all lists is limited to 20 in a Free Plan, and 300 in the Pro Plan.

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I’m still trying to properly understand the limits. So if you have a list with 1000 redirects, only 20 of those are applied?

So if you have one Pro or Biz zone in the account, you’ll be able to add up to 500 redirects across 5 lists. So 100 redirects per list, or just one list with 500 redirects.

The way it works is:

  1. Create a list of redirects
  2. Create a rule to enable that redirect list.

We have a quota on how many lists and rules can be created, but essentially the main one to care about is the bottom row referenced here: Redirects · Cloudflare Rules docs

We are working to simplify this though as completely understand its not very clear.


Ok got it. Thanks for clearing that up. I was confused by a lot of the wording and content referencing bulk redirects. I also had a different interpretation of what ‘Bulk’ was going to mean.