I upgraded my account to pro but it's not reflecting

On the 7th June I upgraded one of our sites to a pro account. However it says I’m still on a free plan - Screenshot by Lightshot

When I try and press upgrade, it says we’re already on pro - Screenshot by Lightshot

I raised a ticket with support for this on the 7th but I have not yet had a reply.

Please could someone advise on this?

I urgently need to get access to the pro analytics within Cloudflare.



I’ve still had no joy with this.

I’ve just tried to downgrade the account which seems to have done something. It is not showing as pro at the top - Screenshot by Lightshot - however I still cannot access the pro analytics.

My subscription is due to end on the 27th but so far I have had no benefit from the pro package.

I’ve had no reply from my ticket either :frowning:

Can anyone help?