I updated dns servers - website is down

My website is hosted by Siteground. I signed up for with Cloudflare free subscription on the Cloudflare site. I followed the Cloudflare instructions - updated to Cloudflare DNS servers at my domain registrar and now my website is down. How to resolve?

What’s the domain?

That site is up and running, but isn’t using Cloudflare.

I mean who doesn’t love experimental jazz :shushing_face: (more of a straight forward jazz type, because I am a very simple :bear:) but did you have a Cloudflare question?

Sorry - I’m new here. I had just posted my question and someone asked my for my domain.

Ah no worries… everyone knows the bass players are a the most fun. :wink:

My site is hosted by Siteground. I signed up for the free subscription on Cloudflare website. As soon as I switch to the Cloudflare dns servers at my domain registrar my site goes down.

The Cloudflare instructions are dead simple, so I’m not sure what the issue is.
Any ideas on how to resolve this?


I merged the two threads. As mentioned, it’s not set to use Cloudflare right now, so there’s not much we can do to help.

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My website is currently not using the Cloudflare servers because the server update results in my site disappearing. I will update the servers once I’m certain that my site will stay online.

My question is: why does my site go down as soon as I update the dns servers in accordance with Cloudflare instructions?

Ok. So how do i set it up to use Cloudflare? The Cloudflare instructions say it’s only a matter of ‘updating the DN servers’. I will joyfully do this if there is a way that doesn’t kill my website.

SiteGround is cloudflare partner so you can have your site completely functional and then enable cloudflare through your hosting cpanel:

You will continue using your hosting cpanel to manage your DNS.
This is the most easy and automatically way, and the cloudflare account its created in the moment you follow the tutorial, its one of the steps.

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I’ve enabled cloudflare thru siteground and manually edited the htaccess file to redirect to www but still get the error message: DNS check failed.

If it’s the carl10 site from above, the SSL certificate for www hasn’t been issued yet. How much of the Cloudflare dashboard do you get through Siteground?

Strangely enough, the non-www site isn’t going through Cloudflare, and that might interfere with issuing an SSL certificate. If there’s a way to toggle that one to Cloudflare/Proxy/CDN (whatever Siteground calls it), give that a try.

Then, if there’s an SSL/TLS section with “Edge Certificates” section, scroll down to the bottom and click “Disable Universal SSL” for 5 minutes, then click it again to issue the certificate.

Hi Carl,

Your site is returning this error:

You can try what sdayman propose, but if you have difficulties contact siteground support, it seems something is not well configured and as you are in a CF partner configuration i’m sure they can assist you better than us.
Please don’t forget to share here the feedback.

If it was a free hosting i would try myself each step but actually never used siteground.

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