I uninstall I still see the SSL certificate

Hi dear,
I used Cloudflare but ran into a problem and deleted my account, but when I uninstall I still see the SSL certificate

If you have set your name servers back to what your host recommends, you should not see the Cloudflare cert. It may be a case of just waiting for DNS to propagate. If you need more assistance, please post the domain name.

Thank you @sdayman
my domain qusheli.com

That domain isn’t using Cloudflare DNS, yet points to an IP address running through Cloudflare. Is that an IP address configured by your host?

I can’t used anywhere cloudflare ip address
all my dns settings look at attachment files

i dont understand where to problem

Oh…Shopify. Shopify uses Cloudflare. That is why your SSL says Cloudflare.

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Thank you very much @sdayman now I have removed all the settings related to my domain name from Shopify, I wait 1-2 hours and consider adding it again. what are you think?

At this point, you have removed the domain from Cloudflare’s control, so it’s up to you what you’d like to do with it next.

Thank you @sdayman yes I understand full problem where is it problem Shopify keep it old dns setting 2 day before I moved dns hosting from cloudflare to new server but Shopify looking old setting not clear it self cache I don’t know how sol this problem wish me Lucy :)),

best regards

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