I try to upgrade to the pro account so I can get your help. My website is down (zagnon.com) I really need help asap

I want to upgrade to the pro account yesterday but I don’t understand what is going on. I really really need your help. My website is down.

The mentioned domain zagnon.com does not appear to have a valid ip address added to the DNS entry in CF. Would you make sure you’ve a valid ip address pointed in the CF DNS? The following #CommunityTip will help you add the records if you need help.


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Your site is missing a DNS entry for the apex name, zagnon.com. When I tried to load your www name, your web server sent a 301 redirect from www to the apex name. Since the apex name is missing a DNS entry, the page cannot load.

You can fix this by adding the necessary DNS entry for your apex name. You most likely can use the same IP found in your www entry.

I updated my DNS records but my website is still down.

It’s not down here.

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Yes it was down for awhile but now it’s working again.
Thank you

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