I tried to add a custom google email - now my site is down

I tired to add a custom gmail account and it changed a setting and my sight is down

Try with a www in front of your domain and let us know if that is working. If it is, we can help you fix it.

Yes that did work

It now shows my webpage but I can’t get into my admin area or log into

Thank you

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We can’t help you with your third-party hosting issues, but like I said, the missing record for your apex name is an easy fix.

You may have accidentally deleted the existing entry. You can check the audit log to see if it has the details required to recreate exactly what you had before.

If not, you can always simply create a new A record for the apex name by using an @ for the hostname and then using a placeholder IP. I f you used a redirect before you probably still have that redirect in place.

See this #tutorial for details.

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Thank you for your time and knowledge.
Where would I access the audit log?

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In your Cloudflare dashboard, you will find it under Manage Account/Audit Log.

I will share the #tutorial. Note that it has images of a previous dashboard version, so you will want to look where I indicated.

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Got it. Thanks!


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