I transfre my domain to cloudflare but transfer isn't complete and my domain expired

Hello there. I transfer my domain to cloudlfare. I bought it to Porkbun. Transfer isn’t copmleted on cloudflare say;
Transfer in progress
I payed money. İf I cacel it, is Cloudflare pay my money back?

May I ask, did you received some e-mail from your “old” (current) domain registrar?

From some registrars we know to get an email to either cancel transfer, or to “speed it up” - read carefully and do not just click and submit on it, if that is the case.

Others have had an “speed-up” transfer option available in their interface as far as I remember.

Just to follow-up, you have unlocked your domain name, got the EPP key, made a transfer request at Cloudflare Registrar, paid the transfer process to Cloudflare and also provided the EPP key to Cloudflare?

For a help, I am adding a reference from the link below (steps to re-check just in case):

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