I Transferred my domain to cloudflare but cannot manage it


I just transferred my domain to Cloudflare, both Cloudflare and my previous domain registrar said it was complete,

I go to “manage domain” link on Cloudflare, click manage next to my domain and get a 404 & now it just redirects me back to to “manage domain” page. I currently cannot manage anything to do with my domain & my website is offline.

I tried contacting support, but as a free tier it seems i cant get past the automated “have you checked this out” messages, I cannot seem to find away to actually send a message to anyone with out paying for the 200 dollar business tier. I am just a hobbyist dev and cloudflare currently has my domain hostage since I cannot access it lol.

Please help!

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It sounds like you don’t have your zone set up for that domain. Try the +Add Site button from your main dashboard, and add that domain name to your account.

I have added my domain as a site, It wants me to change the nameservers but I cannot do that because I cant seem to manage my domain.

What’s the domain?


Are you sure you Added the site to the same account that bought the domain name? It shouldn’t ask you to change nameservers if you’re in the right account.

Yea same account, I added the site “hoyle.cloud” it wants me to change the name servers, so I click on domain management in the dashboard and click manage next to my domain but it redirects back or gives me a 404. I just transferred this domain from gandi domains. So i have no way of changing the name servers that i can see. I assume I click on domain management under domain registration, but once im there and click on manage next to my domain hoyle.cloud it doesnt do anything.

Even free accounts can open tickets. Just mark it as Registrar, since that’s what your domain is part of.


Honestly didn’t see that option because I was reporting it as a technical website issue, It took a few steps but I finally figured out how to send off a support ticket.


Can you share that ticket number here? We can assist.


I have an id of #2960883

thank you

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Thank you, I have flagged this for my colleagues in Registrar Support. I suspect this is a timing issue as transfers always take what seems like a long time.That’s a requirement for all domain registration actions give number of parties & legal processes involved in perfecting the transfer. And, our dash is less than intuitive from time to time on transfer status.

I did not yet investigate, but this sounds similar to How long before transferred domains are listed as such? - #4 by cloonan

When did you initiate the transfer?

Customers on every plan (including Free) can open Account, Billing, and Registrar issues. And everyone is welcome to post here and we can help route tickets to the appropriate team. For non-account, billing, registrar issues, we can usually resolve them really quickly here on the Community and/or ensure our colleagues in Support see them when they are helping in the Community.

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I got a confirmation of the move from Gandi at Oct 4, 1:54 PM

I got a Domain Transfer Complete email from cloudflare at Oct 4, 2:17 PM


I should mention my time zone, im in the UK.

I got the 404 after that email, thought maybe ill give it some time but today it just redirects back, no 404 message. I guess it needs more time. I can wait awhile.

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