I transferred my domain from Ionos, but now I can't acces anymore

I have lose access to my website. I transferred the domain to Cloudflare from IONOS but I don’t have access anymore.

Cloudflare say that I have the domain in this platform. What can I do? Already tried to re register IP from the Linode server, What else can i do?

Please help!

Could I go back to IONOS?

What’s the domain?

It sounds like your registrar reset your name severs on your way out the door.

You can check your current name servers with:
$ dig ns exmple.com +short

As you moved the domain to Cloudflare, the results you get back should be the names shown on the dns tab of your Cloudflare dashboard. If they are not, that is an issue.

Next, try:
$ whois example.com

If the name servers do not point to Cloudflare and the registrar on the whois is shown at Cloudflare, that means ionos changed them when you left.

Cloudflare support can fix this, to contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support and select get more help.

Please share the results from above and if you contact support, please share the ticket number and I’ll make sure it’s in the proper queue.

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Where i do that?

I checked the info on ICANN, and apparently you are right, the name server had been changed. What can i do? I’m noob here. I have a Linode VPS

Thank you for your help. I sent a ticket, now waiting.

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You can do that from Command Line, like the Terminal app on a Mac, or command line on a web server.

None of that really matters since Cloudflare is your registrar, and they’ll have to fix it.

Don’t forget to post your ticket # here to @cloonan can keep an eye on it.

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Ok thank you sdayman. I use Windows and Linux. But my server, it’s properly configured. I checked the nginx config file for the domain, and it’s ok. Thank you for your help

Ticket n° [Cloudflare Support] 1722032

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Thank you, I see the ticket and have added myself to it.

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