I transferred a domain to cloudflare and am getting an error when I try to add the domain to my server

I had issues with a GoDaddy domain running through cloudflare. I transferred the domain name to cloudflare. The site was formerly hosted on GoDaddy, I am now trying to add it to my VPS instead and am getting the error below.

Where’s the screenshot from?

If you transferred your domain name to Cloudflare from GoDaddy, you’d have to add subdomains from Cloudflare’s dashboard instead of GoDaddy’s one.

Thanks Tom, the client had let the hosting lapse on GoDaddy, I am trying to add it to my VPS but when I try to add it I am getting that permission error.

I’m not trying to add a subdomain, just an “add on domain” in the VPS which is how I’ve added the previous 30 something domains in there.

I wonder if there is any waiting time for propagation, the transfer of the domain name from GoDaddy to CF was successful yesterday?


Is it possible that CF is not considered a “Valid Registrar”?

There is this note below the addon domain box in cpanel:

Hint: This feature must be enabled for your account before you can use it. Addon domains will not function unless the domain name is registered with a valid registrar and configured to point to the correct DNS servers.

It is "enabled on my VPS, I’ve used it for years?

This is probably the problem. That seems to be an overly restrictive requirement.

Thanks sdayman,

I was able to get it sorted, it was actually an error on the VPS’s side, in their cPanel dashboard.

Thanks again!

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