I transfer my domain using Cloudflare already, WHAT A NIGHTMARE

Hello everyboy,

I don’t really like to share an IT problem but as I don’t find any support emails let me try this…

We are using Cloudflare with Subscription Business Plan for over 5 years, managing the DNS on cloudflare.
We decided to move our domaine to Cloudflare. The transfert when fast and smooth.

Then we received an email (in french badly translated), to tell us that our domain names are not redirecting / pointing to Cloudflare.

"Les serveurs de noms pour [hidden-name].com ne pointent plus vers Cloudflare. Ils pointent désormais vers :slight_smile:

But it looks like pointing to Cloudflare, we check we have ns1. ns2. ns3 like before the transfer, pointing to cloudflare. As paid account we could choose our own ns-[hidden.-name].com.

Now transfer system added the “free” accounts eliot. and serena DNS, Clouflare should check if we already have NS form Cloudflare.

Also we are asked to remove 5 years old DNS on that domain. Where CloudFlare did get that information? Why when we transfer a domain, Clouflare simply check if existing cutomer with DNS already managed by him?

Let see if somebody has the same issue but normaly, as Cloudflare is the current registar, we should find “Glue Records” and put our DNS there…

Very bad experience and before they fix this I don’t recommand you to transfer you domain.



As you’re on a Business Plan, you don’t see this in your Cloudflare Dashboard? It’s in the Help bubble (lower right corner), and your plan comes with Live Chat.

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Hello, Thanks for you message. It’s a zendesk FAQ, and nothing talks about my topic. In the dashboard, Cloudfalre even tell me to change the DNS with my old registar but of course the Domain isn’t managed there anymore. It’s very strange how they transfer it without leaving current DNS. Probalby because of cutomized domain. Still have the problem. Thanks

So maybe like this is more clear.

  1. I’m asked to see how is my register to change the DNS (but it’s cloudflare)
  2. They ask me to set the default DNS but they are personalized by Cloudflare.

So it’s a very strange situation after transfering this domain.

Thanks for you help or suggestion.

Some registrars reset name servers upon transfer. It’s not a nice parting gift. So Cloudflare may have “restored” the name servers to the default ones. You can’t set Custom Name servers again?

If that doesn’t work, that Zendesk window should have the Live Chat button from my screenshot.

I see that live chat is 24/24h with 2 hours answer time. I have the Business Account as you can see:

2021-11-07 21_41_02-Window

But for some reason, I see a FAQ an not a chat like a free account. Also the fact they ask me for the DNS of theirs is like the set this domain free after transfert and no support an doesn’t see this.

Anybody knows how I can contact support directly?

Well they didn’t as all our services where up. It’s only Cloudflare on it’s DB that need to set this domain correctly and set NS also correctly. As there is no Glue Record, I cannot do it my self. Thanks for your time.

It’s still there for me. Type something in and hit Enter. Otherwise, just send them an email from the address you log in with for your business plan. If you get an auto reply, make sure you reply and let them know the name servers still aren’t correct. That should get the attention of a support engineer.


Is your issue resolved? Please post your ticket number here so I can take a look and escalate this for you.


Thanks you are sweet!

No it’s not, and worst, I see we lost all Cloudflare feature since firday and our subscription is paid 200 USD every month and valid until next month… I feel extremly bad… They answer my ticket but didn’t understood, told me to change my register DNS… i explained again. No answer yet.

I should have left my domain and never transfer it. Now nothing works correctly, not chat button, no support answer. I even read for business account DNS don’t need to be set as we have the personnalized DNS:

So now… let see it they fix the bug or if I need tu use cloudflare as register and move the traffic on an other CDN, as I cannot even re-transfer my domain as it was.

If you know what to do, or know a technician that can see that “infamous” bug on your side, let me know. Thanks for your time.

Sorry for the issues you are facing. Can you provide the ticket number please?


To re-re explain:

  1. Cloudflare is used a CDN for our domain
  2. our domain is register with Enom
  3. We decide to have “all” in the same place and move our domain to cloudflare
  4. it’s moved with ease
  5. Cloudflare as us to put the Cloudflare DNS (but we are on cloudflare now), and show us list of register
  6. All CND services are down (services DNS are live fortunatelly)
  7. Somebody I cloudflare need to fix our DNS Server and re-set our Subscriptoin Business


Yes sure: (#2299085

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Thank you, I am following up and will try to get somebody to review this. Please note, I am off for the day so either you will hear from me tomorrow or an engineer will reply to your ticket.


Ok thanks for your support.

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I just had a discussion with our engineering team and it seems like there are couple things that happened here:

  1. When you moved to Cloudflare Registrar, you moved with vanity nameservers, which is an Enterprise feature only but our system let you do it for some reason. Usually, the system checks for Cloudflare nameservers and will only then let you transfer.

  2. Now, since you are not on an Enterprise plan, the system is continuously checking for Cloudflare nameservers as you are on Cloudflare Registrar and prompting you to change them to our nameservers.

As a one time courtesy, we have changed the nameservers to vanity nameservers for you and removed the Cloudflare nameservers. The domain still shows pending right now but it should show Active in a few hours.

Please note, in future if you have other domains that want to use vanity nameservers, this cannot be done unless you are on an Enterprise plan.

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Vanity Name Servers are also available on Business Plans, which this user has. So do I, though not on a domain using Cloudflare Registrar.


Well I didn’t change anything, my domain on enom.com had the 3:


Before I transfered the domain to you.

So as you said, you don’t have “vanity records” or simply called everywhere else “Glue records” so we will have generic DNS servers? like free accounts?

Should I re-transfert my domain and have my ns1-ns3 again?
By the way, how can I do that as the option si not available for a while?

Why don’t you fix that, and add those glue records? You might see the problem again in the future.

Thanks for your time,


Ohh, I missed this part. Thanks for sharing it. So it is possible it is not working as expected when one is on CF registrar with vanity NS because the system is checking for CF NS and is confused. Makes sense?

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Also now I see the Chat :slight_smile:

But the traffic is stil not going throught your CDN.


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