I thought DNS records would be auto populated

I have just added a domain as per normal in Cloudflare but it doesnt auto populate the DNS records (like it has done with other domains Ive added) - when I look at it in a browser it I get a 522 error. When I check the domain in CloudFlare - there are no DNS records.
The name servers are set correctly - michelle , theo etc.
What have I done wrong ?

The host might have blocked Cloudflare, either out of spite or because it was trying to “protect” against a DNS enumeration attack, which is what CF does to find the most common DNS records.

You should go to your old host and copy over all of the DNS records, or export them in BIND format and import them in CF

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The Host Co said “Looking at your DNS records, you will need to configure the DNS records at Cloud Flair’s end to point everything to Hostgator.”

“Pointing the name servers to CloudFlair means that you are allowing them to manage the DNS records.
In order for your services to work and to continue to be hosted through your Hostgator account, please set up the following records on their end:” - then a list of DNS entries to manually enter.
They then suggested I speak to CloudFlare support to ask them why it wasnt picked up automatically - like it has done for other domains from the host co.
I will add them manually instead

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