I think the minimum required TL to PM other members should be lowered

Ok, most communities (that I’m in at least) have the TL requirement to message other users set to the default TL1 (Trust Level 1)! However, as found out in this post (to a topic that I created some time back), the default requirement to message other members is higher than the default setting!

Now, I know this is a big community (and actually has more members than the “Discourse Meta” community website itself)!

Now, I’m not suggesting anything too crazy for adjustment, but I would think that people w/ TL2 (Trust Level 2) should be able to send PM’s to other members!

And plus, if someone is abusing (violating community guidelines in PM’s), they can be demoted and it maybe possible (I’m not sure how site management works on Discourse, as I’m not an admin, moderator, MVP, or regular on ANY community site that I’m on! I also don’t own any discourse websites either)!

However, if this has been attempted in the past (as I believe there is a possibility that it has), please let me know! Otherwise, consider (I’m not requiring this be done, it’s only a suggestion) my request!

This would be helpful because you could PM other users about stuff they are posting violating community guidelines, being a privacy concern, etc.