I think our old dns is crashing with new

So let me explain…
We recently migrated from a hosting that is very small that we couldn’t even connect our domains to Cloudflare with dns. After migration to hostgator I changed the dns to hostgators and after a week or so connected to Cloudflare. Now because Cloudflare linked or connected dns to our old site in old hosting not to the one in hostgator. I deleted sites connected to Cloudflare and changed domain dns back to hostgator. still not working.
Please help


zilox.se and topgastro.se

Neither domain is currently using Cloudflare. If you have any issues you need to contact your host here.

Yes I disconnected from Cloudflare zilox.se about 24 hours ago but still not working

When contacted hosting support they said

I could see that ns 1 are pointing to Cloudflare and MX record priority is set to 10, where as the HostGator MX record priority is 0. Could you please contact Cloudflare and update the priority to 0

It’s actually loading for me → sitemeer.com/#https://zilox.se

However, as mentioned, if it is not working, you need to contact your host, the domain is not using Cloudflare and Cloudflare is not involved here.

This is when the site was connected to Cloudflare

what about topgastro.se?

Neither site is using Cloudflare.

If you want to use Cloudflare you need to follow the setup instructions.

Alright, how can I avoid that next time when I connect our dns to Cloudflare it works with our new hosting not the old one

You need to make sure all records on Cloudflare are properly set up, but that should be imported when you add your domain, you should check that however.

Plus, make sure any Cloudflare integration on your previous host’s side is disabled, otherwise you run into Troubleshooting Custom Hostnames / Cloudflare for SaaS when moving provider

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