I think my connection is flagged


for a couple days now I have to do captchas on a website of a videogame I am fond of. I use third party tools that connect to my account and I believe this may have lead to my connection being flagged. Now my third party tools cannot connect to or retrieve from my account. But everybody else uses these tools and seem to have no problem whatsoever.

By now I have tried pretty much everything except completely reinstalling my os.
I have heard this happened to other people from the videogame’s community too, but for them it was as simple as restarting their router. I tried many more things.

I ran a CloudFlare-diagnostics and it says the DNSSEC configuration and DS record could not be found, but a friend said that couldn’t be the problem. And support from the website or the tool developers couldn’t find anything wrong with my account either.

I don’t know any further at this point. I’d be very thankful if my problem could be resolved.
If any more information is needed I’ll gladly provide it.

Just one note, I heard people solved this by contacting their ISP to get a new IP. I did try a new IP by unplugging the router for about an hour and that did not fix the problm unfortunately.

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