I think I royally screwed up

When trying to get an SSL from cloudflare going for my site I ended up getting this error. Now I sometimes get to my site and sometimes get the error. Anyone know what I can do to fix it? I have Wordpress through Go Daddy. Sometimes I can’t even use recovery mode in Wordpress. I’m not the best at this stuff, so I’m struggling to get things going.

525 means you don’t have an SSL certificate on your hosting plan. Get that set up and the 525 error will go away.

I thought I did through Cloudflare. I changed the nameservers and followed their directions fully…I think. I’ll mess around. I’m just glad I can get in the site. For a while everything was inaccessible leaving me without a site until I did a backup restore

Cloudflare is not your website host. Your site should work with HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare.

To be honest, I don’t know how much of this stuff works. Perhaps I should just get someone to fix it instead. It seems I made it all worse trying to put an SSL. I even shocked the Go Daddy rep because he had never seen a site with all the files missing. At least I was able to restore it somewhat