I think I put wrong nameservers into Cloudflare

Hi, I currently have a domain with Namecheap, hosting with 1and1 and I tried setting up Cloudflare for my website. Currently, when I go to my website I am getting a 522 error. I spoke to my hosting company and they said I must have set up Cloudflare with the wrong name servers. If so, how do I change my name servers on Cloudflare to my hosting providers name servers? I went to the DNS settings on my account and I don’t know which Type/Name/Value etc. to change.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

You need two things:

  1. Your domain registry (WHOIS) must list the two Cloudflare name servers from your Cloudflare DNS page. This way, visitors know which name server to get your IP address from.
  2. Also on the Cloudflare DNS page, you need A (or CNAME) records for your domain names: example.com and www.example.com These DNS records come from the DNS records 1and1 has on file.

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