I think I messed up

Hi Cloudflare community,

I purchased a domain in the Cloudflare registrar and am trying to set up a Cloudflare tunnel to my Synology. I’ve installed the tunnel, but I cannot get it to work. I have a feeling I need to have an IP address hosting my domain. If I had purchased on most other registrars, it would come with hosting.

I don’t want to have to wait the 60 days required to transfer my domain to another host.

What are my options here? How can I keep things secure while actually allowing my custom domain to host all of my Synology docker containers and DSM?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Where did you install cloudflared? What are you expecting the tunnel to do.? What specifically do you mean by:

You may be able to get some assistance here in the Cloudflare Community if you provide more specific details. I would also search the Synology Community since what you are trying has definitely been done many times before.

I installed it on my Synology NAS via Docker. I expect it to allow me to use my custom domain to access DSM and the rest of my docker containers with subdomains. I’ve been testing with another domain I own through GoDaddy, and I got it to work however, only my containers that are running on the host network are communicable. The bridge network is inaccessible no matter what I do, even if I install the connector to communicate on the bridge vlan. This is no doubt a Synology issue and not a Cloudflare issue.