I think I have a misunderstanding with Cloudflare ...clarification please. :)

hey everyone,

So I recently put my first site on CF, and I was under the assumption that it would relieve the load off my client’s hosting package. We launched a product in their store, and it CRASHED big time. 508/500 errors all over the place. ITs a Wordpress site running Woocommerce.

I thought CF was supposed to help stop stuff like that? The site was unusable and my client was super pissed.

Did I just configure it wrong? Am I misunderstanding the point of CF? I was going to upgrade to the paid version, but if it won’t help keep my client’s sites live then there isn’t much point.

Thanks in advance.

Normally those types of errors appear when the origin server is misconfigured, there is not much configuration to be done on Cloudflare if you a good setup behind it, if at all.

Cloudflare can help offload images and other static content, but WC still puts quite a load on the server just because it’s so dynamic and all page requests will still hit the server.

Any WooCommerce site that’s expecting to get regular traffic should be run on Managed Hosting geared toward WooCommerce.

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Thanks Sdayman, I guess its not quite the savior I was hoping for. I’ll have to get more aggressive with caching I guess.


Thanks Matteo, I think you’re right. I use the same company for my dev and live servers. On Dev the site flies. Live, its horribly slow. I was hoping CF would take some of the edge off, but it made no difference. And then when we launched the product…terrible.

Appreciate the help!

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Cloudflare will take a part of the load, but that depends on what the site’s configuration is, the amount of traffic and the size of the site.

You need to configure cache headers correctly, mostly.

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