I subscribed to Cache Reserve, but I'd like a refund

I subscribed to Cache Reserve, but I’d like a refund.
When I subscribed to the Cache Reserve, it showed $0, but it kept charging me, and I didn’t notice it until today when I charged it.

You can open a billing ticket with support for any refund related requests.

It’s $0/per month “PLUS USAGE”. If you’ve loaded up your Cache Reserve, it’ll charge you for space:

Though $4.88 at 1.5¢/GB, that’d be a lot of data. Just be sure you’ve completely disabled Cache Reserve in all your zones and Cancel that subscription so you don’t get billed any more.

Hi there!

Billing related issues can only be addressed via ticket. Please reach out to Customer Support for additional information. You can open a ticket here: https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support