I stuck at "Checking your browser before accessing " page when using clickfunnels plugin

Recently I migrated my site from hostgator to cloudways,
I used clickfunnels plugins to display my clickfunnels on my Wordpress site
after the migration all the page I used stuck at " Checking your browser before accessing" page
please help

It could be due to Browser Integrity Check option being enabled.
Furthermore, have you got the Bot Fight Mode option or Browser Integrity Check option being enabled for your website(s)?

May I ask have you tried clearing/purging Cache at Cloudflare dashboard and also clearing your Web browser cache?

If it gets stuck, it could be antivirus that’s putting it into a loop.

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I tried different browser
I even checked with google page speed insight , and it shows the same error at Page speed insight screenshot

The plugin will download the page from clickfunnles and display on the site
So I think it’s the plugin that get blocked

I don’t use any anti virus currently

If you deactivate the plugin, does then work propperly?
If so, maybe if it’s “clickfunnles”, you would have to re-check with the plugin developer? (due to some background requests being sent, or maybe you have to “whitelist” something like IP address, etc.)

Other Wordpress pages can work properly
The issues happens to pages created by the plugin which download my funnel design from clickfunnles and display it

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