I stop receiving Email


For some reason I stop getting Email since March 6th. My other yahoo account is connected to my wordpress and I do get Email on the yahoo account. I don’t change any setting at all. It is strange. Please help.



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Thanks for your reply.
I registered my Cloudflare account a couple of years ago and still use the default DNS setting, didn’t change anything and it was working fine until March 6th. I did get Returned mail error notification on my yahoo account today, saying (reason: Insufficient permission). I can send an email from this account. Receiving email is not working.

My site : https://stylusdesign.co.jp/

From the screenshot above, the CNAME record mail is :orange:.

To make mail work, you should remove the CNAME mail record.

Add a new record A mail.yourdomain.com that point to your IP address and make sure it is :grey:.

Add another record, an MX yourdomain.com which points to mail.yourdomain.com.

You have a bit weird setup.

Your MX records are what we need for you to receive email. But it’s poiting to your bare domain.

You should try this:

  1. Create an A record: mx1 → (no proxy, DNS only)
  2. Update MX record to mx1.stylusdesign.co.jp instead of stylusdesign.co.jp as right now.

As in this screenshot:


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