I simply want this account gone

I simply want this account gone

I am sorry to hear this.
Following the instructions from below article, post a reply here or edit your post and mention @RemoveAccount

  • To remove your Community account , post on this site and at mention @RemoveAccount and request that your account on the Community be removed. We’ll ask you to verify the details and then will remove your account.

Sugested article:


You’d like us to delete you Community account?

Let us know and we’ll make it so.

Im sorry for the confusion. Its not about the community account.

I am a WP Engine user and we use advanced network that already includes CF CDN,
but I’ve recently deployed WP Rocket on our tech stack and it has a connect CDN feature.

To do that you need the API, key, account email etc etc

but WP Engine won’t give me the credentials I need so they told me to create an account and so I did but then decided WP Rockets is good enough and dont need to bother with connecting CF … I dont think anyway.

Maybe some input on the advantages and how I might get it done, or just delete the free CF account that is associated with this email.

Let me know.


My recommendation on determining benefit is to set criteria and test both options.

As for removing a free Cloudflare account, you can do that on your own. If you were in an Enterprise account it would be more complicated.

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A note for anyone downtheline, if & when you remove your Cloudflare dashboard account as suggested by @epic.network that will trigger an action to automatically remove your Community account here.

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That’s on target advice. Thank you @epic.network

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I can’t seem to find “Advanced Options” … can I just ignore it since none of it is verified not are the namesevers even changed?

I’m not placing the context of the Advanced Options you mention, so I don’t have an answer for that.

Its a WP Engine server and DNS config thing that implies we’re already using CF in its full glory.

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You would want to ask WP Engine about the settings on their site, even if they involve their Cloudflare settings. I don’t use that platform so I definitely won’t have an informed answer for you about that.

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Yeah this has been a massive misunderstanding. Really just wanted my account that I made deleted but it probably doesn’t matter as I have not even messed with nameservers or verified anything.

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