I signed up to service and create a network do I addSearch Domain?


I signed up for the service. I created a Network Profile for DNS exclusively to use Cloudflare I have both the IPV4 and IPV6 numbers set. But the search domain is still associated with Comcast. Is this taking Maximum advantage? Do you have a search domain setting to go with the DNS?


You can set whatever you want, this isn’t related to the DNS server that you use but instead relates to how DNS queries are handled (especially for single-label requests). If something on your computer looks up the IP for “bob”, and it isn’t found, your computer may choose to try “bob.example.com” where example.com is your search domain.

This doesn’t happen as much in browsers as most browsers take a single label request as a request for a web search rather than a single label resource, but it can impact any other DNS request.


Thank you. So the search Domain is okay tied to Comcast. I think I’ll leave as is. Thought may everything had to compliment each other to get maximum speed and accuracy. I’ve been a Mac user since 1986 and internet user since the days of “WhiteKnight” (RedRyder) days and 300 baud Modems and Bulletin Boards. But DNS and Search Domains I know little about.