I setup Cloudflare on a Wordpress site, lost all my subdomains

Hi everyone. I have a web site on GoDaddy shared hosting with several subdomains, mainly for development. After switching my DNS servers to cloudflare, my subdomains no longer come up. They are missing/gone.

Is there something additional I had to do for sub domains with Cloudflare?

Thank you!

Most likely, you didn’t make sure all your DNS records were added to Cloudflare during the onboarding process. Your DNS records here should be a complete match to your DNS records at GoDaddy. Without knowing the names of any of these subdomains, that’s all I can suggest.

Happened here too. We were under attack during the onboarding. Checked that most of the subodains records were listed. After changing NS servers at GoDaddy, we cannot see the complete list anymore. Is there a way to get them? Maybe to look at some log where NXDOMAIN resulted?

If you have one IP address, that should help you get the rest. Here’s a sample. As I don’t use GoDaddy, I can not assist with which records you really need or what they might look like in your particular case.

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