I set up a sub domain on cloudflare but now my main website is down

Hi, yesterday I set up a subdomain on Cloudflare according to the recommendations and instructions for my membership area by Searchie.

I changed the nameservers on godaddy to point to Cloudflare, but this morning I realised that our main website is down. Duh.

Could anyone help me out on how I can get this back up and running? Do I need to add the main website into Cloudflare too? If so, how?

Many thanks

What’s the domain and which hostname did you add?

beverleyrimmer com and what do you mean by hostname, add where?

That domain is not using Cloudflare in the first place. What exactly did you configure?

Your www record is using a service which uses Cloudflare itself, but that’s not really related to Cloudflare. If you have any questions in this context, you’d need to contact your host.

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