I set up a couple sites successfully, but this one isn't working


I’m so confused. I was able to set up several sites without any problems, but for some reason, this site is giving me issues. I’ve searched the forums, but I do not know the tech lingo and I’m at a complete loss. I even closed, deleted and set up the settings again with no luck.

Where can I find some help with this?

Here’s where the page is located.

I’m not sure what other info is needed to fix this.
Please help if you can. Thank you so much!



It seems to be working under Cloudflare for me…

What issues are you seeing?


It’s working for me. Both thelitezone.com and www.thelitezone.com

Global DNS for both look good as well.

Here’s the view from Pingdom:


Thank you for such a quick reply.

When I enter https://www.thelitezone.com/

I see this… (in 4 diff browsers.)

Shouldn’t this show the website instead??


That is something you have to look at with your origin. We see the exact same thing.


Sorry, I messed up a bit. The HTTP versions work, but the HTTPS one does not.

You’ll have to find out why your hosting isn’t properly supporting HTTPS.

What’s your SSL setting here? Flexible (probably not) or Full?

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