I set up 3 CNAMEs and only 2 succeeded

Hi, I set up 3 CNAMEs and only 2 succeeded, I wanted to know what could be the problem that one of them is not working properly? I’m adding a picture…what does not work is called "performance.digit "

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Your domain is not using Cloudflare in the first place.

nslookup -type=ns schooler.biz a.gtld.biz
Server:  UnKnown

schooler.biz    nameserver = pns23.cloudns.net
schooler.biz    nameserver = pns22.cloudns.net
schooler.biz    nameserver = pns24.cloudns.net
schooler.biz    nameserver = pns21.cloudns.net

What does that mean? the main domain i connected to clouflare is https://mayastage.co.il/
this are subdomains i meed to conect to a third party servers

That your domain is not using Cloudflare, is not configured on Cloudflare, and Cloudflare is not involved here. Any records need to be configured with your DNS provider.

The other domain you mentioned is on Cloudflare, but that’s not related to your original domain.

So how i fix it? my web hosting and domain comapany say it has nothing to do with them becose its on cloudflare

and why only one of them dont work? i did the same in the three of them

I addressed that already in my previous responses. Please do read what people write.

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