I set the domain SSL is no working……

I set the domain SSL is no working……

Domain? Error?

I can load with http. I have selected the ‘Flexible’ option for SSL under the SSL/TLS app. I did previously have a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on this domain. Is that where my issues are coming from? Even in a browser I have never used, the HTTPS isn’t working.

I can’t load with https

Can you share the domain name?


Just enable the Always use HTTPS setting in the SSL/TLS app of your Cloudflare dashboard.

If you have an SSL cert on your server or can install one, you should and ideally choose the full or full strict options as they are far more secure.

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“as they are the only secure options” :smile:


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I enable the Always use HTTPS,but is no working…

Works for me. Try clearing your cache.

Your site appears to load just fine on HTTPS.

But, as @domjh already mentioned, please please switch to Full and install a certificate on your server. Otherwise your page is not secure either.

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https://supssr.com ???

What about it? Your questions appear to have been answered above.

Which other site could I be possibly referring to in this context? :wink:

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err SSL version or cipher mismatch

I am prompted err SSL version or cipher mismatch when I visit https://supssr.com

You are most likely contacting the wrong server. Check what your host resolve to for you.

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