I set max-age to 300 but CF uses 14400

Hi there,

I’m setting max-age on one of my endpoints to 300 seconds.

If I GET that endpoint directly, without going through a domain proxied through CF, you can see the max-age is properly set.

Now if I GET that same endpoint through a domain that’s proxied through Cloudflare, Cloudflare sets the max-age to 14400.

Why is that?

We dynamically generate this JS file so it’s important for us that if a customer edits it, changes will propagate within 5 minutes max. Is there some other mechanism I don’t know about that CF uses and changes will still propagate within 300 seconds that I set on my origin server?

Thank you!

This is the screenshot of GET on the same endpoint but on the domain that’s proxied through CF. Forum doesn’t allow new accounts to post more than 1 image per post so I’m commenting with it.

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