I seem to have an issue with a NameServer change on one of my sites

I’ve followed all the necessary steps to add a site to Cloudflare, icann shows the name servers correctly as Igor & Lisa

But the status still says ‘Pending Nameserver Update

The domain host says it should all be working.

Anyone have any ideas?

You may look into this Tutorial for possible reasons behind it:

Thanks @neiljay, appreciate the response, I seem to be in a bit of a catch 22 here, I can’t enable DNSSEC/DNSKEY in Cloudflare because the transfer isn’t complete, the domain host assures me DNSSEC has been disabled their side


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the domain is: just.store

If you look at the nameservers, you’ll notice you misspelled one of them, cloudflare vs cloudfare.

just.store.             3600    IN      NS      igor.ns.cloudflare.com.
just.store.             3600    IN      NS      lisa.ns.cloudfare.com.
;; Received 135 bytes from in 104 ms

Thanks @Laudian, I didn’t notice that, the domain host was the one who made the change, I’ll get them to correct it and I’ll re-test, unfortunately I don’t have access to the domain settings directly.


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