I see weird link in Cloudflare's browser check page

There is something in browser check page’s code
I don’t know what is darksoulz.us, when i refresh page it move its position everytime

Do you mean the commented anchor tag?

How is that an issue?


I don’t know what is it
I think it not be related to Cloudflare’s site

It is a regular link. As to why Cloudflare places this there, you should clarify that with support.

It’s the second time someone here report about it… its look very suspicious

Would you have a link to that thread? I remember something like this but not the details.

Why? It looks like some template string Cloudflare left in the generated HTML for whatever reason.

its not something that can happen, especially with suspicious links like that, why would they leave link to some unknown site, and then hide it and move its position after each time randomly?

I found the thread in the meantime

I still wouldnt call it suspicious at this point, but something that should be clarified. Maybe the OP runs a compromised system.

@maythiwat, what is your URL?

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