I see two A Records with dnschecker.org


I use Cloudflare for my website and everything works as it should.

But at dnschecker I see two A records with different IP addresses instead of one.

What do I have to set so that “yourdomain” and “www.yourdomain” are only accessible under one IP address? (s. Screenshot)

Does Cloudflare automatically assign a separate IP address for yourdomain.com and www.yourdomain.com?

Cloudflare assigns two IP addresses for redundancy. Is something not working?

Regarding SEO this is maybe no so good and it would be more save, if there is one IP Adress for one URL.

And it would be a bonus if 2 URLs from the same website have then the same IP, e.g.:

Is that possible, too?

IP addresses aren’t an issue, except for people trying to cheat the system.

Does anyone know a solution to my question? (one IP for one URL?)

I think fundamental discussions about SEO are not purposeful in this frame.

I’m sure you could negotiate this requirement on an Enterprise contract, or you could choose not to use Cloudflare, unproxy your site and serve all requests directly from your server.

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I’ve re-read your question and left part unanswered:

No. For example, I have a Free Plan domain with three hostnames: root domain, ‘www’, and ‘sales’. All three have the same IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. A different with ‘www’, naked domain, ‘drive’, and ‘dev’ on a Pro Plan. Different servers, different Cloudflare tunnels. Still same IP addresses.


It is possible with special settings with a free contract, too?

I actually don’t need my own IP Adress with an Enterprise Account, just want one IP Adress with one URL.

I wan’t to use Cloudflare, so I am searching for a solution with Cloudflare.

Thank you. But your Domain has two A Records, too?

Cloudflare always assign 2 or more (max 3 based on my observation for the past 2 years) to each subdomain and you can’t override that. It’s just about redundancy to ensure 2nd IP is still accessible even though the 1st IP is malfunctioning.

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Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

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