I see a different IP when I ping my site

I have a similar problem for my domain admire.nl. In my Cloudflare settings it’s directing to the correct ip-address, but when I ping the url, I get a different ip-address. I’ve checked with my hostingprovider and all settings are correct there, nameservers are directing to Cloudflare. Does anyone know what settings I should change in Cloudflare?

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That is correct. That is fundamental to how Cloudflare works. Your vistors connect to the Cloudflare proxy, which is the IP you see exposed publicly. The Cloudflare proxy then connects to your origin site at the IP you entered in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app.

Thanks for the explanation about the IP-address. What do I need to do to alter, to have my website displayed to visitors again?

What do you see when you try to visit your site?

On admire.nl you now see a general page from the hostingprovider, but not my Wordpress website. I have added a simple static html page to do a simple check, but this one throws an error: https://admire.nl/index2.html

Does your site load over HTTPS when you pause Cloudflare?

When I pause Cloudflare I get the same page, but without SSL. What does this mean, that it’s not correctly configured on my webserver?

Correct. You need you site to load with HTTPS from your origin server before you add Cloudflare. How you accomplish that is up to you. If a commercial certificate or an automated free certificate authority is not your preferred option, you can create a free certificate using the Cloudflare Origin CA. This certificate will present an unknown CA warning to connections made directly to your origin. It is recognized by the Cloudflare proxy when operating in Full (Strict) mode.

Thanks for the reply, but it gets harder and harder for me to understand what’s actually wrong. This is complicated. My current host Webreus did not renew my SSL certificate and I needed to upgrade. This is the reason I signed up for Cloudfront to give me the secure connection functionality, by directing my hosts nameservers to Cloudfront. With and without activating Cloudfront it’s nameservers are still pointing to Cloudfront anyway, so what exactly do I need to do now? My hosts support says it’s all correctly configured on their side of the server and when they update their hostname to point to the correct IP-address it’s all working.

That is not how Cloudflare works. It is not a replacement for securing your origin site. You still need to have a valid certificate on your origin site. You can direct your your hosting provider to this thread if you are having difficulty explaining to them that you need working HTTPS on their server.

The following Community Tutorial contains a thorough and easy to understand explanation of why it is critical to use Full (Strict).

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Thanks a lot for the help and insights! I completely missed your link in the previous post about installing the certificate on the origin server (banner blindness ;-). Now I understand how it works and with creating the certificate on the server, the problem is solved. :partying_face:

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That is great to hear. Thank you for letting us know that you have it working now.

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