I see a * A record pointing to a different IP

I have updated my DNS at cloudflare to point to WPEngine as their documentation says. There is a record which was existing and they did not know why. It is an A record. Name is * and content points to an IP address which is not my WPEngine one.
I should mention I have domain registration (pointed to cloudflare) and email provided by doteasy. I don’t think it relates to email.
Does anyone have any clues to why this * record is there? Could it just be something old that needs removing? I have several Cloudflare to WPEngine DNS setups and no other ones have a * A record.

Some more information. WPEngine informed me that the IP address for the A * record actually points to CloudFlare?

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The * record may have been imported from your original DNS when you set up the account. It’s not a great way to add hostnames, nor would I encourage that, as it’s a wildcard that just puts more load on the server. If you don’t see a need for it, you can certainly delete it.

p.s. Putting that IP address into whois.com might provide a clue as to why it’s there.

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