I recently linked my CloudFlare to Shopify

Hi I recently linked my Cloudflare to Shopify, but I want it back to my original site skystrippers.com.au.

https://community.cloudflare.com/t/how-can-i-unlink-my-domain-from-shopify/380143 this is the similar issue.

Every time I use the Cloudflare nameservers it is turning my site down. Can anyone from the support can help me?

I am the developer of this site and I don’t have access to the owner’s email to raise this issue by sending an email. Not able to send a ticket. Thanks in advance.

Shopify support should be contacted in the first instance and then Cloudflare support can assist in the event Shopify can’t/won’t remove the domain from their end.

In any case, Cloudflare can’t open a ticket if you’re not on the account or sending from an admins email. Exceptions can’t be made to that.

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